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Create sustainability in your data center

In recent years, sustainability and circularity have become increasingly important concepts. The focus within both the private and public sector is increasingly shifting towards sustainable deployability of resources. The exponential growth of data creates many challenges in terms of sustainability within IT departments. In this blog we give an insight into how we can support you in the field of sustainability within your IT department.



In addition to the often high costs of purchasing data center hardware. Is there always another cost item that is not always included in the budget: energy consumption. Infradax helps you to reduce costs on your energy bill. We do this by enabling you to switch to newer technology, among other things. Data center hardware is becoming increasingly compact, faster and more durable. A simple transition from HDDs to SSDs already makes a significant difference on your energy bill. In addition, the transition to a newer generation of server or storage can reduce the fixed costs even further. After a free IT infrastructure check, we also think along with you on how you can optimize performance for, among other things, capacity and performance needs. A more sustainable data center for your IT department starts with Infradax.




Buying new hardware does not necessarily mean that the hardware that is already in use ends up in the corner. With our hardware purchase / trade-in services you can earn money from this hardware. Which you can then invest in new systems. As a buyer of data center hardware, we make you an attractive offer and offer you the maximum residual value for the hardware. We do this for servers, storage and networking. All data is GDPR-proof erased and the hardware is prepared for reuse as refurbished hardware. So you do not have to worry about your data ending up on the street, and you effectively contribute to increasing the lifespan of your hardware. In addition, you do not have to worry that your traded-in hardware will be processed in an irresponsible manner. So it not only helps you save costs, but it also improves the performance of your data center. With our efficient way of reusing data center equipment, you also contribute to circularity within your IT department.




In addition to opting for new hardware in your data center, you can also opt for certified refurbished hardware. This again contributes to more sustainability within your organization. Hardware that is no longer used by Enterprise organizations, with an age of three years, for example, can still be very interesting to use within your organization. This way you contribute to the reduction of hardware that has already been produced and is thrown away. This not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also means less waste ends up in the chain. We are so convinced of the quality of our products that we always offer a one-year warranty. But also being able to provide support on the hardware, and also up to 70% cheaper. Besides the fact that the purchase of refurbished is a lot cheaper. You can also rest assured that all hardware has been thoroughly dated, polished and refurbished. All refurbished hardware that we offer is therefore like new. That is why with our refurbished hardware you always have the feeling that you have something new in your hands, instead of something second-hand.

Would you like to receive more information about how we can make your IT organization more sustainable? Please feel free to contact one of our experts within Infradax.

"The project aimed to replace the central storage and thereby professionalize our disaster recovery. The project went well. A senior consultant handled, documented and commissioned the project to our content'' - Anton Steehouder ICT manager Brush Group"

"Our disaster recovery environment had already become outdated and growth has increased rapidly in recent years. As a result, the environment no longer met the high quality requirements set by Exacthost. The somewhat older fallback systems were therefore due for replacement to also provide new customers with 200% redundancy'' - Kadir Dogan, Managing Director ExactHost"

"Our cooperation with Infradax runs very smoothly, we have made clear agreements and what has been promised has been delivered. We also have nothing to complain about the installation, everything went as it should.'' - Frank Biegstraaten Group IT Manager Caldic B.V."

"We chose Infradax as a party because of the competitive offer and the level of expertise that was portrait during the initial conversation. In practice this led to great project. The communication with Infradax was clear and fast, there was nothing to criticize about. Infradax distinguishes itself from other parties through its professional approach, know-how and customer focus.'' - Mike van Gestel ICT Manager FN Steel"

"For our data center in Thailand we were looking for a knowledge partner who could help us with the design, installation and implementation of a new IT environment. We chose Infradax because of the knowledge and expertise that they were able to convey in the various sessions we had.'' - Gijs van Gaalen IT Manager Aeroworks"

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